ovh - SoAPI 1.50


SoAPI 1.50 est disponible, intégrant l’ensemble des fonctionnalités des SMS surtaxés, la réception des SMS et la présentation des numéros externes sur un sip trunk.

Changelog :

Add telephony method telephonySmsplusShortCodesList to give all smsplus shortcode available to be bought following the given optional criterias
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusIsFreeKeyword to check a keyword is valid for the specified shortcode
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceAdd to generate an sms plus service
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceList to list sms plus service of the customer
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceDetails to give all details of your given couple short ode/keyword service
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceEdit to change cgi link or csv files of the configuration of the sms plus service to send SMS-MT
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceReversableTicketsSummary to give all tickets reversable summaries
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceReversableTicketsList to give all tickets reversable
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusServiceDelete to schedule a termination of an smsplus service for the next renew
Add telephony method telephonySmsplusSendSmsMt to send an sms-mt on demand, in reply to an sms-mo shortcode sending
Add telephony method telephonyTrunkExternalDisplayedNumberCheck to check the number is an offer compatible with external displayed numbers characteristics for trunk
Add telephony method telephonyTrunkExternalDisplayedNumberAdd to add the external displayed number for the trunk group
Add telephony method telephonyTrunkExternalDisplayedNumberDel to delete the external displayed number for the trunk group
Add telephony method telephonyTrunkExternalDisplayedNumberList to list the external displayed number for the trunk group
Updated telephony structure telephonyGetClosureEventsAsArrayEventStruct with uppercase output values
Updated telephony structure telephonyConferenceGetParams with uppercase character output value instead of underscore

Dominique P.

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