MDaemon - Version 10.1.2

Pour nos utilisateurs de mailinglist il y a peu de changement.
Nous mettons quand-même ici les info.

MDaemon 10.1.2 - November 10, 2009

o [2297] fix to auto whitelisting only supports the primary email address
o [3673] fix to groups.dat not being updated when accounts deleted
o [2381] fix to blank attachments possible when both DKIM signing and outbound
attachment compression are enabled
o [4331] fix to config file backup creating temp file in wrong location
o [3932] fix to ldap address book not updated with newly created lists
o [2488] fix to auto-responders and some system messages not sent to CF
o [3914] fix to queue window not restarting mdspamd on white/blacklist add
o [3745] fix to SPF redirect= processing not working properly at times
o [4123] fix to list unsubscribe notifications not being sent to list addresses
o [1505] fix to wild-cards not working with spam trap addresses
o [4195] fix to right-click queue options not disabled in free version
o [4126] fix to list private setting not sticking from config session
o [4198] fix to config session not stopping/starting WC properly
o [3682] fix to White List button in BATV UI disabled inappropriately
o [3867] fix to MDaemon always accepting mail from WorldClient to non-existent
local users rather than following your configuration settings
o [4153] fix to ’log mdspamd activity’ option not sticking in all cases
o [3962] fix to "Automatically process meeting requests" feature not recognizing
certain iCalendar attachment encodings
o [4633] fix to MDaemon’s SMTP client may send DATA command to secondary MX
host that did not accept any recipients
o [3326] fix to IMAP filters do not support Japanese characters
o [4592] fix to hang when running MDaemon for the first time on Windows Server
2008 R2 or Windows 7
o [2042] fix to WorldClient does not display header "does not exist" filters
o [4424] fix to WorldClient read confirmation doesn’t encode accented characters
o [4336] fix to possible WorldClient crash when ComAgent logs in
o [4271] fix to misaligned text in MDaemon’s statistics report
o [4297] fix to bugs with Active Directory configuration Test processing
o [4716] fix to MDStats log parser error with partial transcripts
o [4286] fix to WorldClient’s Globe and Redline themes not showing the LookOut
theme when they visit the Options | Preferences view in Internet Explorer 8
o [2005] Removal of IE5.5 reference in the Options-Compose view in WorldClient
o [4160] fix to WorldClient’s Mobile theme not restoring the Save Sent Messages
setting upon arrival to the Options-Preferences page
o [4335] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme’s external preview pane failing
to allow users to click any toolbar button a second time in IE8 Standard mode
o [3199] fix to Context Menu not working correctly on the search field in the
WorldCient LookOut theme list view
o [4033] fix to WorldClient’s Simple theme event invitation links being confusing
o [3923] fix to WorldClient’s Mobile theme running in a BlackBerry browser
requiring JavaScript to be enabled to send a message
o [4685] fix to the WorldClient (mobile theme) CC field not aligned
o [3091] fix to WebAdmin allows an alias which conflicts with an account
o [3111] fix to WebAdmin new mailing lists do not mirror to LDAP server
o [3955] fix to WebAdmin may create malformed content filter rule
o [4151] fix to unable to view log files in WebAdmin if file name contains
non ASCII characters
o [4611] fix to when MDaemon is running as an application on Vista, Windows
Server 2008, or Windows 7, WebAdmin is unable to create a new account
o [4599] fix to logic problems on Delivery options tab in WebAdmin
o [2030] fix to WorldClient’s LookOut theme’s scheduler date and time
miscalculation when the timebar is dragged

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