Nouvelle version serveur mail MDaemon

MDaemon 10.10 - June 23, 2009


o Because of the powerful changes to the LookOut theme over the last several
versions of MDaemon and because of the advancement of web technologies and
standards since 2001 the LookOut theme no longer supports Internet Explorer 6.
Users of Internet Explorer 6 or lower will be redirected to the Standard
theme so that they may continue to gain access to their email and other
groupware data. It is strongly recommended that users upgrade to Internet
Explorer 8 which has been released with significant improvements to security,
rendering quality and performance.



The Spam Filter updating process now has the ability to pull updates from in addition to updates from Alt-N. The Spam Filter
update UI has a new checkbox which controls this capability. This will
make sure your SpamAssassin rule-sets are always kept current. Spam Filter
updates are now enabled by default for new installations. You should check
to see whether your pre-existing installation has this feature enabled.


WorldClient Features :

(a) A new and substantially faster loading, better handling WYSIWYG editor
has been added to all of the desktop themes compose views. The new
editor supports all previous features as well as adding the ability to
preview content in an external browser as well as print the message body’s
contents. The new editor also includes enhanced security features to help
prevent cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. This editor has some exciting
extensions and WorldClient will be enhanced to take advantage of them soon.

(b) Auto-Complete is now in the Standard and Simple themes’ compose views
allowing users to more quickly enter recipients for email messages.

(c) Remote image blocking has been added to the arsenal of anti-spam tools in
the MDaemon package. Sites and spammers looking to harvest valid email
addresses will no longer have their remote images loaded when the message
is viewed unless the user clicks on the bar above the message to load
remote images. To disable this, edit \MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini
and set

BlockHtmlImages=No (default is Yes)

(d) [3221] Added ability to configure the way WorldClient handles "Read
Confirmation" requests so that users can set WorldClient to ignore
requests ("No"), automatically send a response ("Yes"), or be prompted
("Prompt"). This setting is found in \MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini

SendReadConfirmations=Yes (or No, or Prompt)

LookOut Theme Specific Features and Improvements :

(a) Calendar Day view events can now be resized with drag and drop bars at
the top and bottom of each editable event to make re-scheduling events
simpler and more intuitive. Events can still be dragged and dropped onto
other calendars if they need to be moved between calendars.

(b) Drag and drop folder name highlighting for target drop folders to help
identify the destination. This should reduce the chances of
unintentionally dropping messages or groupware items into the wrong folder.

(c) The Addressbook and Address Lookup in the compose view now allow you to
group contacts by company and department so that when the information is
available contacts can better be sorted and found by this valuable

(d) An attachment upload status indicator has been added to the Compose
attachments screen to help users know gauge the pace of the upload and
know that their file is being transmitted to the web server.

(e) The appearance of the Calendar events has been updated to give it a cleaner
appearance and to reduce browser rendering flaws with event resizing.

(f) Long ’to’ and ’cc’ fields will now wrap in the message preview pane so
that all recipients can be viewed.

(g) A progress bar has been added to the loading indicator when users login
to the theme.

(h) Added the ability to drag and drop events from date to date in the week
and month calendar views.

(i) Updated destination dialog for copying or moving messages or groupware
data to help users see the context of the folder so that shared folders
are more readily identifiable.

WorldClient Engine and Web Server have been improved :

(a) WorldClient’s WDaemon server now serves text files from its HTML
directory as gzipped/compressed files to help improve performance and
bandwidth consumption.

(b) WDaemon now supports multiple HTTP requests per connection to improve
performance, especially when SSL is used.


o [3651] When delivery to an address results in a 500+ error, the address
will be appended to \Logs\BadAddress.txt. This file is automatically
removed at midnight each night to prevent exponential growth.

o [2206] AccountPrune can now handle subfolders of root IMAP folder (see
AccountPrune.txt for command line options).

o [3115] Added Remove Dead Addresses setting to mailing list editor in WebAdmin

o [3709] Added Archive Spam Messages setting to archival page in WebAdmin

o [3706] Added Scheduler Activity to the Logging Options tab in WebAdmin

o [4016] Added MDaemon version to status bar gadgets.

o [2264] Calendar and task reminder instant messages now use the template
files used by MDaemon to generate email reminder messages.

o [2473] Added a ’Manually Add’ button to ComAgent buddy list editor.

o [2207] Outbound SMTP sessions will retry using another authentication
method if CRAM-MD5 fails

o [2506] Changed WorldClient LookOut theme’s handling of tabs in the HTML
compose editor to add tabspaces instead of exiting the text field


o [3647] MDaemon no longer sends DSNs to "noreply@" addresses.
o [2397] fix to accounts created from a Config Session in another Terminal
Services session not being sent a welcome message or getting added to the
public contacts folder
o [3696] fix to WebAdmin text changes to match MDaemon’s GUI
o [3715] fix to WebAdmin tab name error on Logging Maintenance tab
o [3712] added Minger port setting to WebAdmin
o [3713] updated WebAdmin’s DNS-BL settings to match MDaemon
o [3335] fix to WebAdmin missing Spam Filter Black List configuration page
o [3931] fix to MD3Conv does not run when upgrading to version 10
o [3972] fix to SSL negotiation error 0x80090308 when sending to certain
SMTP servers
o [3419] added BATV Whitelist to WebAdmin
o [3964] added BATV gateway domains setting to WebAdmin
o [3699] removed SPF 2.0 option from WebAdmin
o [3623] fix AccountPrune cannot purge public folder subfolders
o [3620] fix AccountPrune failing to log full path
o [1413] fix to saving a draft in the WorldClient mobile theme presenting you
with a message that the message was sent
o [2549] fix to missing translations from the name drop down box in the contact
editor for several WorldClient themes
o [2704] Hide unsubscribed folders option was moved to the Folder options view
in the WorldClient Simple theme
o [2302] fix to WorldClient does not save Bcc header in sent messages
o [3951] fix to folder ACLs permissions problem with groups
o [3952] fix to list public folder copy failure on directories with ( ) chars
o [3994] fix to DKIM Options page in WA prompting IE users to close window
when saving changes
o [3995] fix to possible WC crash when deleting a single occurrence of a
recurring appointment
o [3890] fix to gateway message delivered to wrong recipient
o [3988] fix to Help button on certain dialogs loads up wrong help topic
o [4054] fix to optional command window for Spam Daemon greys out
o [4075] fix to WorldClient not showing HTML inline images referenced by
Content-Location headers
o [3970] fix to account settings not saving auto-responder changes sometimes
o [4104] fix to some routing related messages concerning invalid list mail
being placed in the SYSTEM log rather than the ROUTING log
o [4049] fix to redirected messages from list moderator going to bad queue
(note, this fix requires redirected message to have moderator’s email
address in Resent-From : header).
o [4103] fix to path/crypto approved domains not skipping OP processing
o [4095] fix to domain rather than host name used by default in SSL UI
o [3885] fix to IMAP SEARCH parameters SENTBEFORE, SENTON, SENTSINCE not
o [2050] fix to the rendering of all-day/multi-day events in the WorldClient
LookOut theme
o [3146] fix to the LookOut Theme’s handling of zero length calendar events
in Internet Explorer for the day view
o [4116] fix to reminder IMs from MDaemon appear in normal ComAgent chat windows

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