Sortie MDaemon 11.0.3

MDaemon Server v11.X Release Notes

Alt-N would like to recognize and celebrate the life and contributions of a unique
and talented individual without whom our achievements would have been incomplete
at best and a whole lot less fun. Linda Cleminshaw 1964-2009 — you will be
greatly missed. 

MDaemon 11.0.3 - June 22, 2010


  • [3680] fix to WebAdmin, users may be added to GroupWareUsers.dat multiple times
  • [5397] fix to WebAdmin changes to an account’s mailbox path are not saved
  • [5438] fix to SyncML server may report that item has changed, even if no changes
    have occurred
  • [4338] fix to ComAgent crash on Synchronization page when running on Vista/Windows
  • [5479] fix to ComAgent not clearing address book synchronization history when switching
    data providers
  • [5480] fix to WorldClient unable to send event notifications to MDaemon when running
    in IIS
  • [5519] fix to WorldClient Standard theme, when creating a new contact the full
    name is not parsed into title, first name, middle name, last name, and suffix
  • [4934] You should no longer need to right-click and "run as administrator"
    when launching MDaemon on Windows 7 (and other flavors). Note that administrator
    rights are still required (as they always have been).
  • [5483] fix to long full name in From header may cause WorldClient to generate incorrect
    reply address
  • [5546] fix to certain mailbox paths crash MDaemon's account editor

MDaemon 11.0.2 - May 18, 2010


  • [5381] The Domain Sharing option "Incoming Minger queries trigger Domain Sharing
    lookups" has been reset and is now disabled by default. This option has
    caused some confusion in the field by being enabled by default. Use of this
    option causes incoming Minger queries to return TRUE if another sister-node on the
    Domain Sharing network states that it will accept the message (even though that
    sister-node might not have the actual local mailbox). Do not enable this option
    unless that functionality is desired.
  • [5305] The "Mail Archive" public folder structure design causes the UI
    and servers to freeze sometimes when a user account is deleted using the UI. 
    This has been temporarily addressed by no longer updating ACL lists for the "Mail
    Archive" folder structure to remove the deleted user. This is not the
    ultimate fix but it does solve the issue and should not present any operational
  • [5336] Header translation feature will now allow case translations like "
  • [5346] Changed default socket send buffer size to 32k. This is up from the
    typical Windows OS default value of 8k. This may improve transmission speed
    slightly and may help with problematic deliveries (depends on network pipe, MTU,
    etc). If you would like to continue to use the OS default edit the following
    key in MDaemon.ini : [Special] SendBufferSize=0 (zero means use whatever
    the Windows OS default happens to be at the moment).
  • [5382] makes sure that the DNS_FROM_OPENWHOIS rule is scored
    at 0 to disable it.


  • [5173] fix to WorldClient not importing email addresses correctly for contacts
  • [5318] fix to spam/ham learning messages forwarded from Outlook not always being
    properly recognized
  • [5330] fix to SMTP connection failure cache being applied to non-SMTP sessions leading
    to MultiPOP log file growing extremely large
  • [5341] fix to illegal chars allowed in list name parameter for various list related
  • [5342] fix to contacts are not correctly imported from CSV file, contact field values
    contain entire line from CSV file
  • [5353] fix to no reminders are sent for calendar events created in a public folder.
    If the reminder option is enabled, a reminder should be sent to the creator of the
  • [5398] fix to Funambol SyncML for BlackBerry version 8.5.2 throws exception if HTTP
    auto-update request returns 404 response
  • [5400] fix to contacts which contain &,<,>,'," characters are
    not properly synchronized by the Funambol BlackBerry SyncML client
  • [4985] fix to ComAgent not moving to a visible area of the screen after switching
    monitors or resolution
  • [5234] fix to reminders of recurring appointments may have the date of the next

MDaemon 11.0.1 - April 20, 2010


  • [5107] WorldClient will display a default set of message list columns if it’s configured
    to display none
  • [5093] WorldClient removes duplicates from the auto-complete results
  • [5108] MDaemon will create ACLs for the Bayesian spam and non-spam folders on startup
    if ACL data does not already exist
  • [5175] The LIST email command has returned. Syntax is "LIST <name
    of list> <list password>". If <name of list> is not provided
    a summary of all lists is returned. If <list password> is provided then
    this may give greater access to list data. Do not use < and > characters
    when specifying LIST parameters. Example : "LIST" or "LIST"

    or "LIST LstPw"

  • [5228] AttachmentLinking.dat will be policed nightly and references to files which
    no longer exist on disk will be removed from this file.
  • [5229] Attachment Linking will no longer extract attachments which fail to provide
    a filename in the MIME headers. This is to prevent extraction of these attachments
    into made-up filenames ending with ".ATT" which often can not be opened. 
    This new behavior is enabled by default. To disable and retain previous behavior
    edit MDaemon.ini [AttachmentLinking] SkipWhenFileNameMissing=No (default Yes). 

    Next version will expose a checkbox for this in the UI.

  • [5230] Attachment Linking will ignore WINMAIL.DAT by default allowing these attachments
    to pass through. This new behavior is enabled by default. To disable
    and retain previous behavior edit MDaemon.ini [AttachmentLinking] SkipWinmailDat=No
    (default Yes).


  • [5153] fix to WebAdmin users are unable to see/subscribe to mailing lists using
    "My Mailing Lists"
  • [5165] fix to list messages not routing properly in some cases. Note that
    the "Enable smarter message routing" feature does not work with list messages
    because list mail has it's own routing capabilities.
  • [5193] fix to WorldClient port change not updating BIS port for all domain configurations
  • [5091] fix to WorldClient's Simple theme re-enabling autoresponders
  • [5158] fix to WorldClient's Mobile theme using 'Home' in a different
    context than other places within WorldClient
  • [5216] fix to SyncML when using the Funambol client, the start date for all day
    events added from the server is one day after the correct date. This only occurs
    if the user’s timezone has a positive GMT offset.
  • [5219] fix to TASKREMIND.DAT/CALREMINDER.DAT being created with extra " char. 

    You will need to delete existing files and let startup recreate new ones (problem
    is purely cosmetic).

  • [5140] fix to WorldClient meeting acceptance responses show wrong information
  • [5113] fix to Chinese, Japanese, Russian, MDUpdater does not display characters
  • [5156] fix to SyncML logging is treated different when using maximum log file size
  • [5073] fix to RestartCF.sem may leave CFEngine.exe not running
  • [5076] fix to installers missing MDHelpApp.exe and MDSendAppMsg.exe
  • [5075] fix to possible MD crash parsing malformed messages
  • [5082] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme’s Options | Filters page fails to load in
  • [5090] fix to AbortOnRcpt5xx setting getting set to false on restarts
  • [5101] fix to smarter message routing feature not handling local mail properly in
    some cases
  • [5131] fix to Quota option "Include all INBOX sub-folders" not in sync
    between WebAdmin and MDaemon
  • [5144] fix to WebAdmin error when editing web options for a user account
  • [5163] fix to possible crash when downloading BIS server IP list from Alt-N H/Q
  • [5154] fix to 100% CPU when processing certain malformed emails
  • [5137] fix to attachment linking not working for secondary domains
  • [5170] fix to WebAdmin, Domain | Aliases view contains no results
  • [5194] fix to MDaemon’s account editor truncates long dynamic authentication domain
  • [5257] fix to CA splash screen graphic not properly centered
  • [5081] fix to possible WorldClient crash if a malformed SyncML message is received
  • [5272] fix to SyncML item may be duplicated if comments/notes field contains a new
    line character

MDaemon 11.0.0 - March 10, 2010


1. MDaemon's POP and IMAP servers now require use of the full email address
as login by default. If user's mail clients are configured to only use
the mailbox value as login they will not be able to log into MDaemon with their
POP/IMAP client until they change their mail client configuration to use full email
address as login. If you wish to continue to allow mailbox only logins then
you can disable a switch in Ctrl+O | System "POP/IMAP servers require full
email address for authentication" (strongly NOT recommended as mailbox only
logins are ambiguous when MDaemon is serving multiple domains). 

2. Attachment Linking has undergone a complete overhaul and its configuration
has been reset to defaults as a result. See the section ATTACHMENT LINKING for details. 
All accounts previously subject to Attachment Linking in previous versions will
now be setup to extract attachments to the FILES folder. So, you may need to manually
reconfigure accounts that you want using Attachment Linking. Sorry, this could not
be helped.

3. Updated WorldClient.dll to dynamically generate the robots.txt file in
the WorldClient HTML directory to be explicit about which files should not be indexed
unless the WorldClient.ini has the following in place : ModifyRobotsTxt=No under
the [WebServer] section. Alternatively if the robots.txt file is read-only it will
not be touched. Custom Logon.html files need to have the following meta tag inserted
into their headers : <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW">

4. The Globe and Redline themes within WorldClient have been discontinued
and are no longer being supported. Running MDaemon 11 for the first time will
move the \Templates\ and \HTML\ folders for these two themes to \WorldClient\Old\. 
They can be safely deleted if you decide not to manually maintain these themes yourself.

5. DKIM-record-check at

is a tool for checking your
DKIM DNS setup for compliance with the DKIM specification as published in RFC 4871. 
Given a selector and a domain this tool will retrieve the DKIM key record from DNS,
parse it using the BNF from the DKIM specification, and then sanity check the various
fields. In the end you'll get a good / bad result letting you know whether
your DKIM DNS setup is "to spec" or not. Note, this site is a work
in progress and is not hosted or created by Alt-N.

6. The default options for quota calculations have been reset. Check
Ctrl+U|Quotas to make sure they are as you desire. The default for including
Inbox sub-folders when calculating quotas has been changed from FALSE to TRUE.

7. As part of it's BlackBerry Internet Service integration (see below)
MDaemon now requires all IMAP/POP sessions from BlackBerry users to use a full email
address as IMAP and/or POP login when configuring their BlackBerry device to collect
mail. This is necessary in order to achieve the level of integration we are
shooting for. This might mean that some of your existing users will no longer
be able to collect mail on their BlackBerry. This problem is solved by deleting
and recreating the email profile on the BlackBerry device (see "How to get
your MDaemon account setup for BlackBerry push mail" below) and being certain
to use full email address when configuring the username/login parameter.

8. MDaemon's installation process now performs a one-time collection of
basic customer information.



Users of BlackBerry's BIS service can integrate their MDaemon mail account with
their BlackBerry device allowing for BlackBerry push mail as well as improved email
handling when using a BlackBerry with MDaemon. BIS integration options can be configured
via a new selection from the Setup menu (Alt+B). Any BlackBerry device setup
to pull mail via IMAP from MDaemon can be setup for push mail and (very cool) will
also have messages composed on the device sent to your MDaemon for delivery rather
than having the BIS servers deliver the mail themselves. This allows your
BlackBerry composed emails to comply with your own security policies, content-filter
rules, DKIM, archiving, etc. 

Also, a new UI screen within the account editor and WorldClient will allow users
to select one or more mail folders. When the BIS service connects to MDaemon to
collect Inbox mail MDaemon will serve up the content of these selected folders as
well (root inbox folder content is always sent and so doesn't need to be selected).
All the messages from all the selected folders will appear within the single Inbox
folder on the BlackBerry device. The messages are not actually moved into Inbox
on MDaemon and folders are not created on the BlackBerry. Rather, selected
folder content is sent to the BlackBerry as if it were part of the Inbox folder. 

Finally, an internal folder aliasing scheme aliases your Sent and Deleted folders
(no matter what they are actually called) to values which BIS recognizes. 
This will help insure that sent and deleted messages are placed into the proper
MDaemon folders.

How to get your MDaemon account setup for BlackBerry push mail :

  1. Go into the BIS configuration options (Alt+B).
  2. Enable the feature and make sure that the Subscribe URL is pointing to your WorldClient
    and the SMTP server value is pointing to your MDaemon SMTP server. All
    these values should be setup and working with the defaults that you find there. 
    Remember that the Subscribe URL should point to your WorldClient server which needs
    to be accessible to the outside world.
  3. If your BlackBerry is already collecting mail from your MDaemon account this means
    that you have already configured your BlackBerry with an email profile for your
    MDaemon account. This email profile must be deleted (recreating the email
    profile is necessary in order to trigger push mail setup within BIS). 

    Click here

    for instructions on how to setup an email profile on your BlackBerry.

  4. If your BlackBerry is not setup to collect mail from your MDaemon account use your
    BlackBerry device to create an email profile to do so.
  5. Some time after this the Subscribe URL associated with the domain the user belongs
    to will receive what's called a SUBSCRIBE request from the BIS service. This
    will be handled by WorldClient. The process usually takes 5 minutes.
  6. Once the SUBSCRIBE request is properly received and processed the user's BlackBerry
    will be subscribed for push mail and the user will receive an email on his BlackBerrry
    telling him so.

Unsubscribing from push mail can be done by deleting the email profile using the
BlackBerry device itself. BIS will then send MDaemon an UNSUBSCRIBE request and
the account will be unlinked. The UNSUBSCRIBE request may take some time to
arrive and this poses no operational issues.

While waiting for the SUBSCRIBE request from BIS to arrive, any changes to email
profile settings (such as signature text, advanced setup options, etc) will invalidate
the request and you will not receive it. So, make no further changes to the
email profile settings until the SUBSCRIBE request arrives or you will have to start
over with the SUBSCRIBE process.

BIS activity (connections from BIS IMAP clients as well as requests and notifications
sent to/from MDaemon and the BIS network) are logged into a new tab and log file
called "BIS" which you will find in the "Mail" section of the main UI.

When BIS integration is disabled globally or for particular domains any accounts
already subscribed to BIS will continue to operate as before. These switches
will disable any additional BlackBerry device integration, however existing integrations
are unaffected. 

This level of integration is not possible using POP. Any of your BlackBerry
users currently using POP to collect mail will need to delete their email profile
and recreate it using IMAP (not POP) which may require accessing advanced setup
options on the BlackBerry (see "How to get your MDaemon account setup for BlackBerry
push mail" above). MDaemon's IMAP server must be running for this
feature to work. It does not (and can not) work with POP.

MDaemon now requires all IMAP/POP sessions from BlackBerry BIS users to use a full
email address as IMAP and/or POP login when configuring their BlackBerry device
to collect mail. This is necessary in order to achieve the level of integration
we are shooting for. This might mean that some of your existing users will
no longer be able to collect mail on their BlackBerry until they delete and recreate
their email profile on the BlackBerry device (see "How to get your MDaemon
account setup for BlackBerry push mail" above) or at least update their BlacKBerry
mail configuration settings to use full email address as login.


The BIS SMTP client does not currently support SSL/STARTTLS with self-signed
certificates. So, if you use STARTTLS or check the "Use SSL port"
next to the SMTP server in the new BIS UI and you are
using self-signed certificates then all SMTP sessions from BIS will either error
out or get "stuck" until the inactivity timeout is reached. This
is solved by purchase and use of a commercial SSL certificate. 

The BIS IMAP client does support SSL with self-signed certificates. 
So, if you check the "Use SSL port" next to the "Domain name"

in the new BIS UI you can get IMAP SSL using the dedicated IMAP SSL port with any
certificate you have. The BIS IMAP client does not currently support
STARTTLS so it is not possible to get SSL except on the dedicated IMAP SSL port.


Added support for Funambol version 8.0 open source SyncML clients. These clients
are available at no cost, and are greatly improved from earlier versions. 

In particular, the BlackBerry client shows promise over other solutions.

Over the air installation from the device's browser :

BlackBerry OS 4.7 or later :
BlackBerry OS 4.6 or prior :

Windows Mobile smart phone :

Windows Mobile PocketPC :

Other phones, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird :


A new switch was added to MDaemon's F2->Delivery screen. The switch
enables smarter message routing and is enabled by default. With this switch
enabled MDaemon will maintain single copies of messages destined for multiple recipients
and use multiple RCPT commands to deliver the message whenever possible. This
saves on your disk space and bandwidth. For example, if enabled, this option
will always operate whenever there is a single message addressed to multiple recipients
at the same domain. Also, if you are using the delivery option which sends
all your outbound mail to a single designated IP/domain/host, MDaemon will store
a single copy of each message and will use multiple RCPT commands even when recipients
belong to different domains. 

[4235] ATTACHMENT LINKING (MDaemon PRO only)

Attachment Linking is a feature whereby attachments are removed from email messages
and stored locally on the MDaemon server. In place of the actual attachment, MDaemon
will insert a URL which the user can click on to retrieve the attachement(s) as
needed. This saves bandwidth and storage space on the client machine and especially
on mobile devices.

All existing Attachment Linking config settings are no good and have been reset
to defaults (which is automatic mode — see below —, with the system enabled, but
with no accounts setup to use it).

The Attachment Linking feature has been completely overhauled in the hopes of making
it more attractive and easier to use. First, the UI for it was moved from "Account
Settings" to "Web, Sync, & IM" since WorldClient plays such a major role in
Attachment Linking. Second, there are two modes now with Attachment Linking - automatic
and manual. If you select automatic mode (the default) then the feature works using
internal settings that users can not change. As long as WorldClient is running no
config changes should be needed. Manual mode is for when you want to place attachments
in custom locations. You can still use all the account macros (like $DOMAIN$ and
$MAILBOX$ etc) to keep attachments segmented. In automatic mode MDaemon places attachments
at \MDaemon\Attachments\$DOMAIN$\$MAILBOX$\. This can not be changed.

The Account editor UI has been updated and accounts can now be configured to :

  1. Leave attachments alone — do nothing (the default).
  2. Pull attachments out and store them in the account’s FILES folder. Note that this
    does not employ Attachment Linking so there are no URLs placed within messages when
    this option is used and MDaemon does not police the user’s FILES folder. With this
    option attachments are simply extracted and the email receives a list of attachment
    names so that you can see what was pulled out but no URL links to them are provided.
  3. Pull out attachments, store them, and provide URL access to them according to Attachment
    Linking configuration.

If you enable Attachment Linking you must also configure accounts to use it by selecting
option 3 above.

All accounts previously subject to Attachment Linking in previous versions will
now be setup to extract attachments to the FILES folder. So, you may need to manually
reconfigure accounts that you want using Attachment Linking. Sorry, this could not
be helped.

Disabling Attachment Linking will no longer reset accounts configured to use Attachment
Linking. They will remain configured to use Attachment Linking however with the
system disabled this won’t do anything anymore. The config settings are left alone
in case you switch Attachment Linking back on (you won’t have to reconfigure accounts
this way).

Attachment Linking no longer inserts the full paths to any URL it generates and
places into email messages. Instead a GUID is generated and this is used to map
a URL to an actual file on disk. This GUID map is stored in the AttachmentLinking.dat

The Account Defaults UI has been updated to allow a default selection for how to
handle attachments when creating new accounts.


DKIM ADSP (Author Domain Signing Practices) was finalized and released to the world
as RFC 5617 (see 

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) defines a domain-level authentication framework
for email to permit verification of the source and contents of messages. ADSP
specifies an adjunct mechanism to aid in assessing messages that *do not* contain
a DKIM signature for the domain used in the author's address (the FROM : header). 

ADSP defines a record that can advertise whether a domain signs its outgoing mail
as well as how other hosts can access that record. 

MDaemon was updated to support the final version of this specification. No
changes to any existing DKIM or ADSP records are required. 

This represents the close of 4+ years of effort in the IETF to get to this point. 

Alt-N strongly supports the use of this protocol as widely as possible and MDaemon
is fully capable to do so. ADSP can be toggled using Ctrl+S->DKIM Options->"Unsigned/Improperly
signed messages trigger ADSP processing." You should also consider publishing
your own ADSP record in your DNS server so that others can know what your signing
practices are (see
for details).


MDaemon's DomainPOP and MultiPOP servers support STLS. You can enable this via
a global setting at Ctrl+S->SSL & TLS->MDaemon. STLS will be attempted
but if the other side of the connection doesn't support it then a regular connection
will be initiated. This feature honors the NoSTARTTLS.DAT file for excluding sites
which might cause you problems.


  • [4841] MDaemon no longer automatically adds contacts to an account's default
    contacts folder. Instead, contacts are added to a new WhiteList contact folder which
    will be generated for the user as needed. The folder is available as an IMAP contact
    folder (using Outlook Connector or WorldClient). Both the default contact folder
    and this new white list contact folder will be used an spam filter white lists (assuming
    you have this feature enabled). The text at Ctrl+P | White List (automatic) and
    at Alt+F3 (Account Editor) | Options has been updated to reflect these changes.
    Also, new buttons are present on those two screens which will allow you to remove
    contacts from your default contact folder which have no name or phone number data.
    This may assist in removing "bogus" contacts added to your contact folder by MDaemon
    in the past. However, take care. Just because a contact has no name or phone data
    doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bogus.
  • [3153] MTA thread will log when a message is processed that has no recipients (such
    as a submission to a post-only mailing list). Messages with no recipient data will
    now be moved to bad queue by default. A new switch was added to Ctrl+Q to toggle
    this. When disabled, these messages are deleted as they have no recipient data.
  • [4397] Spam messages are no longer sent to mailing lists ever. Also, the ROUTING
    log (rather than the SMTP(out) log) will get updated when remote queue processing
    encounters spam messages or messages from unauthorized senders sent to mailing lists.
    These messages are deleted as invalid.
  • [4823] Added switch setting to spam filter to send the results of inline spam scans
    to the SMTP client so that they can see why their message was rejected and possibly
    correct the problem(s).
  • [4825] Exposed a number of new contact properties in WorldClient. Anniversary,
    Assistant Phone, Birthday, Company Phone, Business Phone 2, Car Phone, Home Phone
    2, Other Phone, Other Address.
  • [4700] Added option to F2->Servers to close mail session after receiving too
    many RCPT commands.
  • [4701] Added option to F2->Servers to set a max number of RSET commands allowed
    in an SMTP session (default is 20) and an option to close the connection if this
    limit is reached (default is Yes). Also added an option to the Ctrl+S->Dynamic
    Screen for banning an IP that issues more than X RSET commands (default is 0 meaning
  • [4702] Added option to the Spam Filter Ctrl+P->Options which will close an SMTP
    session if an inline scan detects a spam message (default is enabled).
  • [4705] Changed to no longer override SA default scoring for
    SURBL lookups. If you want to return to Alt-N's old values for this you
    can edit and uncomment the SURBL score lines.
  • [4563] Several changes have been made to the feature which sends special commands
    to MDaemon@ to have things done.
    • Any email containing commands to MDaemon which require authentication must now be
      sent to MDaemon using SMTP AUTH. All other methods of authentication for these
      emails have been removed.
    • The following commands have been removed for various reasons : MAIL FORMATS
    • The GetAddress@ special address has been removed.
    • The HELP.DAT, WELCOME.DAT, and ACCTINFO.DAT files have been replaced by NEWUSERHELP.DAT. 

      The older files have been removed by the installer, however a copy was preserved
      by the installer in the backup folder if you need them.

    • NEWUSERHELP.DAT is in HTML format and includes references to online resources to
      help end-users and administrators (like KB articles, quick-start guides, etc).
  • [4945] The following improvements were made to WorldClient :
    • WorldClient's LookOut theme now has a summary page accessible from the User
      node in the folder tree or the WorldClient logo. This view will allow users
      to see what's going on at a glance. A checkbox at the bottom right hand
      corner of the view allows users to make it their default view when they log into
      the LookOut theme.
    • Searching is now enabled in all of the data views. You can now search Notes,
      Tasks and the Calendar for text strings.
    • WorldClient now allows all Desktop themes' data views with columns to be re-ordered
      or enabled/disabled. In Simple and Standard themes users can go to the Options
      | Columns options view. The LookOut theme's settings can be accessed in
      the grid view's context menu. Special consideration : The Contacts view
      will allow users to output a Phone column. This column will use the first
      phone number in the contact's information table in the following order : Business
      Phone, Home Phone, Home Mobile, Business phone 2, Home Phone 2
  • [2472] The Spam Traps feature has been renamed to Spam Honeypots. The UI has been
    updated in several places with this change. Also, several configuration file updates
    have been performed including updates to the cfsysrules.dat and cfilter.ini. Also,
    the SpamTraps.dat file has been renamed SpamHoneypots.dat. Finally, the SPAMTRAPS.SEM
    file has been replaced by SPAMHONEYPOTS.SEM. Also, the X-MDSpam-Trap header
    has been renamed to X-MDSpam-Honeypot.
  • [4602] The following settings have been reset to new defaults. These should
    work fine for you but if not you can change in Ctrl+O|GUI and Ctrl+Q|Retry Queue. 
    These were changed : Number of accounts shown in GUI controls (changed from
    250 to 0 to show all), Number of domains shown in GUI controls (changed from 50
    to 0 to show all), If a message is undeliverable after X days then... (changed from
    5 to 2 days).
  • [2300] Urgent Update emails are no longer considered valid by MDaemon based on the
    IP of the sending machine(s). Rather, urgent update emails now require a valid DKIM
    signature from So, DKIM verification is required to continue to use the
    Urgent Update feature. Check your settings for this at Ctrl+S->DKIM Verification.
  • [2532] It is now possible to specify an arbitrary email address to use with the
    account restrictions feature. You are no longer limited to sending restricted messages
    to postmaster. Now you can specify any email address you want to use.
  • [2534] It is now possible to configure multiple drives to monitor for low or out
    of disk space conditions. Any one of these drives will trigger the low or out of
    disk space behavior. You can configure the drives to monitor using a new control
    in Ctrl+O->Disk.
  • [2467] The maximum SMTP inbound session limit has been changed to NOT include MSA
    sessions. Those sessions are counted separately now. You can setup a new limit for
    MSA sessions at F2->Sessions. MDaemon still considers MSA sessions as SMTP sessions
    everywhere except when policing session limits. 
  • [4166] Minger now has it’s own cache on/off switch rather than sharing the same
    one with LDAP. The new switch is on the Minger configuration UI (Ctrl+U->Minger).
  • [3426] The option "Hide account from calendar, ’Everyone’ list, etc" has had its
    label changed to "Account is private (see Help for details)". This change was necessary
    because there wasn’t enough room in the UI to list all the things this switch touches.
  • [3944] Added UI control for setting default outbound socket bind IP to Preferences->System.
  • [3867] WorldClient will now properly refuse messages sent to non-existent local
    users (it will follow your configuration settings instead of ignoring them). If
    you want WorldClient to always accept mail as in past versions you can add WorldClient’s
    IP to the Trusted IP listing and allow trusted IPs to be exempt from local account
    validity checking (Ctrl+S).
  • [3863] Messages sent to noreply@ will not be immediately refused at the RCPT stage.
    Instead refusal will be deferred until the DATA command is received. This is so
    call-back verifiers will work with that address.
  • [2517] Account Manager will remember the selected account so that after an edit
    that account will still be selected.
  • [3671] In the past MDaemon would insert a VBR-Info header into outbound mail even
    if the md= domain did not match the domain in the From : header. Although no such
    association is required by the VBR specification, due to the way MDaemon does domain
    aliases this is now required by MDaemon. So, if you have an alias changing (for
    example) to you will need to configure VBR with the
  • [2713] When specifying a host for Domain Sharing you can append a colon + port value
    and when MDaemon sends mail to that server it will use the port you specified. Please
    don’t confuse this with the Minger port over which the Minger lookups take place.
    The port value I’m talking about here is the port to which SMTP email will be sent
    once Domain Sharing determines this is appropriate. So, for example, rather than
    specify "" which implies a default port of 25 you could say ""
    which means send mail to that host using port 2525.
  • [4311] WorldClient+SyncML log tabs have been moved to the root UI tab view under
    their own "WorldClient" root tab in the UI.
  • [4313] The Pocket-PC and Mobile tabs have been removed from the root Sessions tab
    in the UI. These type of sessions are WorldClient sessions and will show up there.
  • [4181] Moved "SMTP Authentication" UI from root "Security Settings" to "Sender Authentication"
    section of the dialog.
  • [4025] Added fnReloadFunc to plugin interface to reload plugin settings.
  • [4183] Changed "Certification" to "VBR Certification" in the UI, tab, and log file
    name. The future might hold various types of certification so to avoid confusion
    this label was changed.
  • [2409] Added a "Delete this selector" button to the DKIM signing UI. Take care to
    heed the on-screen instructions when you press this button.
  • [4208] Added switch to Preferences->Fixes which will cause MDaemon to accept and
    deliver a message even if there’s a connection abort during or immediately after
    DATA. This should not be used under normal cicumstances as it can lead to duplicate
  • [4228] "Web & SyncML Services" main menu selection was changed to "Web, Sync,
    and IM Services" in preparation for future changes.
  • [4145] WorldClient’s configuration UI (Ctrl+W) has had ComAgent and IM related options
    moved from the Options sub-tab to a new ComAgent/IM sub-menu.
  • [4307] It is now possible to enter domain/host names into the reverse lookup white
    list file (previously only IP addresses worked). You can add things like "*@company.mail"
    or "*@*" for example.
  • [4359] Authenticated sessions are now exempt from reverse PTR and HELO lookups by
    default (you may have to change your setting manually if this is not a first time
    install for you).
  • [4362] The Spam Filter UI has been re-organized and some of the control labels have
    been changed. I think it looks better now. Same for Account Editor (minor
  • [4192] Added favicon.ico for WebAdmin.
  • [4421] Sub-Addressing now handles nested subfolders using a + char. For example, would
    try to route the message to \<root user folder>\friends.imap\arron.imap\.
  • [4429] AUTH credentials dialog box has been combined with the Mail Release dialog
    in MDaemon's UI.
  • [4528] The Servers tree at left in UI will change green icons to red for servers
    that are disabled/down.
  • [4432] Added an Apply button to MDaemon's various dialog boxes. However,
    this Apply button does not act exactly like other software. When you click
    it, all existing changes on the screen you are working with are saved like you would
    expect. However, the Apply button is never greyed out because MDaemon does
    not track individual control state changes. When your changes are applied
    you will know because MDaemon will popup a dialog to say so — the button does not
    "grey out". You can switch off this popup dialog via a new "Show
    Apply button result" switch at Ctrl+O | GUI.
  • [4457] When the Minger server processes incoming queries it will now send the address
    through Domain Sharing verification if so configured. A new UI switch was
    added to the Domain Sharing UI for this. This behavior is enabled by default.
  • [4504] Added switch to Ctrl+O|System to force POP and IMAP servers to require a
    full email address during authentication. The switch is enabled by default.
  • [4456] Account UI start page changed disable button to an enable button (settings
    are preserved).
  • [4488] WebAdmin is now compatiable with the Opera browser. Opera Version 10.0 or
    greater is recommended.
  • [4510] MDaemon's MainWindow coordinates are stored in MDaemon.ini now rather
    than the registry.
  • [4169] Minor WebAdmin updates to match up with MDaemon's changes.
  • [3489] Read confirmations sent by WorldClient are translated.
  • [4545] Reworked the Quota settings UI screen to include the SERVERS UI "552"
    option and to reword some controls better.
  • [4546] Default for whether to include Inbox sub-folders when calculating quota usage
    has been changed from FALSE to TRUE.
  • [4557] Added "Edit attachment handling" to Account's WebConfig access
  • [3119] Added option in WebAdmin to disable the ability for domain administrator
    to create users or mailing lists.
  • [2074] Added option to Ctrl+W|WorldClient->Options to specify a sentence of text
    (either plain or HTML text is fine) which will be output to users on WorldClient's
    login page. This could be used to direct users to your own help/contact info
    regarding logging into WorldClient.
  • [3346] WorldClient Mobile theme now uses iPhone CSS transitions to give the theme
    a more 'iPhone' like feel
  • [4634] Removed obsolete MDaemon utilities WCImport and Form2Raw
  • [4788] Added more descriptive SSL error message to SMTP and IMAP servers
  • [4771] SSL/TLS UI will save the Alternate Host Names field so that what you entered
    last time will be preserved.
  • [4776] Session transcripts will now include the local IP and port being connected
  • [4780] File menu will say "Close configuration session" rather than "Shutdown
    MDaemon" for configuration UI.
  • [4712] Slight text label change and reorder of options on F2 | Servers.
  • [4613] In WorldClient, moved the user dictionary word list to "Spell Check"
    section of the Compose Options page.
  • [4817] Attachment Linking was updated to handle messages without a separate body
    (the body is the attachment).
  • [4738] MDaemon, SecurityPlus, and Outlook Connector no longer self-generate trial
    keys. The trial key is now provisioned during the installation process for
    these products and is generated by the web site and emailed out while the install
    process waits.
  • [4849] Incoming SIZE= values > ULONG_MAX will be treated as ULONG_MAX (4,294,967,295
    bytes). Also ULONG_MAX will be used for messages > ULONG_MAX bytes in length
    if outbound SIZE= is being used.
  • [4917] MD will keep files in inbound queue if local/remoteq disk errors detected. 
    Also, a new option was also added to the disk space checking system. After
    a certain number of disk errors when processing the inbound queue MDaemon will shut
    down processing of the inbound queue until the situation has been resolved by somebody. 
    An email is placed in the postmaster's mailbox when this shut down occurs.
  • [4922] Installer will cause a spam filter update to occur assuming you have not
    disabled spam filter updates for some reason. A new sem file was added for
    this which you can use at any time : UPDATESA.SEM.
  • [4867] UI will no longer permit creation of IMAP filter redirect/forward rules which
    would setup a mail loop.
  • [4921] In WorldClient a new drag and drop control has been implemented that is lighter
    weight and more efficient.
  • [4913] The MDaemon installer now checks to make sure that any registration key you
    might enter is a valid MDaemon registration key.
  • [4296] MDaemon no longer sends bogus emails telling over-quota accounts that they
    couldn't send an email. Mail clients already handle these situations.
  • [4890] SpamAssassin docs no longer refer to a minimum spam score offset requirement
    for the auto learn ham/spam settings. Consequently, MDaemon no longer contains
    edit checks/error messages related to this. Also, MD has been updated with
    current SA defaults of 0.1 and 12.0 for these settings.
  • [2338] Added the ability to import and export contact information from a CSV file
    through the WorldClient interface. This import/export functionality can be accessed
    through the Options | Folders view.
  • [4992] Added an option to improve WorldClient login performance on sites with large
    Mail Archive public folders. When logging in, WorldClient will not look inside the
    Mail Archive folder to see if the user has permission to any of its subfolders if
    the user does not have permission to the root Mail Archive folder. To disable this,
    edit \MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini and set [Default:UserDefaults] CheckPublicArchiveSubfolders=Yes


  • [3203] fix to nested list members unable to post to base list
  • [4153] fix to ’log MDSpamD activity’ option not sticking in all cases
  • [3981] fix to domain sharing mishandling ’everyone’ list mail sometimes
  • [2479] fix to domain sharing mishandling list mail sometimes
  • [2480] fix to domain sharing mishandling forwarded messages sometimes
  • [3445] fix to domain sharing mishandling AUTH local account exceptions
  • [3401] fix to incomplete UI text when domain add fails due of aliases
  • [2481] fix to "All domains" and "All IPs" not setup for localization
  • [3673] fix to groups.dat not being updated when accounts deleted
  • [4138] fix to IPShield allowing entries with no domain name specified
  • [4179] fix to outdated message box titles (changed to just "MDaemon")
  • [3996] fix to spam trap public folder setting enabling PFs without warning
  • [4182] fix to errant error message text when enabling SSL without cert
  • [3591] fix to SSL error not sending mail on to next MX host
  • [4000] fix to not delivering to next MX on error after initial send
  • [3716] fix to IMAP server allowing IDLE command even when IDLE support disabled
  • [3677] fix to WAB export UI text not explicit enough according to some
  • [3870] fix to gateway delivery ignoring max connection to single IP setting
  • [3659] fix to gateway delivery sometimes sending to smart host errantly
  • [3735] fix to unknown local users not pruned from lists
  • [3318] fix to typo error on DNS-BL UI screen
  • [4233] fix to trailing \ char missing from attachment linking path
  • [4247] fix to a rare but confusing "can’t be activated" popup box
  • [4248] fix to UI unable to remove last item from address blacklist
  • [4304] fix to installer lacking autohscroll style on some controls
  • [4305] fix (removed) DNS question screen from installer as unneeded
  • [4356] fix to reminder is sent to event creator, not the calendar owner
  • [4358] fix to log files rotating in the middle of midnight event instead of at the
    end of it
  • [3229] fix to WorldClient empty trash not refreshing the trash folder count immediately
  • [4033] fix to WorldClient’s Simple theme event invitation links being confusing
  • [4458] fix to scheduled learning interval not registering without an MDaemon restart
  • [4485] fix to Minger UI not restarting Minger server on a port value change
  • [4501] fix to spam/ham learning public folders causing problems when missing (MD
    will create these folders at startup)
  • [4505] fix to CF and MD using different defaults for "SkipLocal" key in
    cfilter.ini when key missing
  • [4506] fix to SpamFilterSkipReason string always overwritten with bogus values for
    some list messages
  • [3305] fix to spam filter processing list messages from authenticated sources sometimes
    when it shouldn't
  • [4509] fix to p= logging in DomainKeys SMTP session transcripts not working
  • [4544] fix to 3 quota related settings possibly getting default values out of sync
    with each other
  • [4578] fix to various bugs in the Account Pruner
  • [4789] fix to MDaemon does not use SSL when accepting connections on SSL-SMTP port
    if MSA or ODMR use the same port
  • [4816] fix to possible WorldClient crash with long forward or redirect address on
    IMAP filter
  • [4603] fix to some log sessions having incorrect time-stamp on first line
  • [4507] fix to LookOut theme not handling specific messages correctly in inserting
    them into the preview pane in Internet Explorer
  • [4786] fix to LookOut theme flashing drag and drop indicators in Internet Explorer
    when a message is clicked
  • [4785] fix to LookOut theme not clearing the message preview pane in the main window
    if an external window deletes that message
  • [4747] fix to new user welcome message (and few others) not going through content
    filter when is should
  • [1471] fix to outbound SMTP not using SSL when sending to port 465
  • [4733] fix to from WorldClient, a user may share a folder with all users, even users
    of a different domain
  • [4826] fix to Account Editor’s creation and last access timestamps are displayed
    using different formats
  • [4831] fix to SpamAssassin white list file changes requiring a restart of MDaemon
    in order to take effect
  • [4923] fix to the WorldClient LookOut task list not indicating which columns and
    direction it is sorted by
  • [4883] fix to grammatical error on DomainPOP UI
  • [4931] fix to MDaemon crash during shutdown if account editor window left open
  • [1988] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme error when trying to save preferences if
    forwarding to the same address on another host
  • [4892] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme not remembering the last task percent state
    when you toggle the checkbox for completion. Note : This will only work while
    you're on the same page of the task view and not if you jump to the next or
    previous task page or leave the view or folder.
  • [4935] fix to the WorldClient Mobile theme's not setting the theme drop down
    correctly to the Mobile Theme
  • [4887] fix to Domain Sharing new account verification sometimes not working across
    other servers
  • [4937] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme attempting to print note or task lists
    when a folder is empty
  • [4851] fix to Base64 encoded text/calendar message attachments are not recognized
    as meeting invitations
  • [3097] fix to WebAdmin, á, à, â, etc. are sorted after "b"
  • [3121] fix to WebAdmin, cannot use non-ASCII characters in language name (on the
    login page)
  • [4500] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's attachment upload failing
  • [4910] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme's folder list rendering inconsistently
    in Internet Explorer where folder expand/collapse images cause the gaps between
    the folder names to be larger
  • [4912] fix to WebAdmin’s list of "Mailing Lists" is not sorted if MDaemon is installed
    on a FAT32 volume
  • [4852] fix to crash in WorldClient.exe when Funambol Thunderbird SyncML client attempts
    to synchronize recurring event
  • [4361] fix to logging showing that attachments were extracted when actual extraction
    operation failed
  • [4853] fix to restart required when config session enables OC checkbox in account
  • [4854] fix to full screen startup option not working
  • [4524] fix to system generated mails coming from "MDaemon at <domain>" rather
    than "MDaemon at <fqdn>"
  • [4837] fix to the ’cancel’ button not working as expected on the WorldClient spell
    check view, the text is now changed to "Discard Message" to clarify what the button
  • [4857] fix to whitelist not working with dynamic screening’s connection policing
  • [2329] fix to CF not DK/DKIM signing messages moved to queues
  • [4987] fix to list members sometimes being removed even when list not setup for
  • [4988] fix to combobox focus loss problem when session windows created
  • [3841] fix to possible message truncation when sending HTML message from Apple Mail
    to mailing list with a domain signature
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