[rollernet] Anti-Virus Filter Changes

This message is to notify you of changes to the Roller Network anti-virus filter that may affect your filtering. These changes will take effect on Saturday, May 1, 2010.

As part of our expanding options to help serve our customers better, we are adding third-party databases to our ClamAV installations. ClamAV is the open source anti-virus program that is part of the content filtering portion of our services along with the well known SpamAssassin project. By adding third party databases, ClamAV will gain the ability to detect a wide range of known phishing, spear phishing, fake lottery, ecard malware, casino, fake jobs, fake loans, 419s, fake diplomas, porn, emailed malware and other general spam. You can learn more about some of them at :

* Sanesecurity - http://www.sanesecurity.co.uk/
* MSRBL - http://www.msrbl.com/
* SecuriteInfo - http://www.securiteinfo.com/services/clamav_unofficial_malwares_signatures.shtml
* MalwarePatrol - http://www.malware.com.br/
* OITC - http://www.oitc.com/winnow/clamsigs/index.html

Third party databases are marked as "UNOFFICIAL" in the signature name should one of them trigger. The default behavior for the Anti-Virus filter will be to use all signatures available. However, we realize that not everyone will want to use these new signatures, so we have added a new option to ignore those with the unofficial tag. You can modify this option at :


We recommend trying out the third-party databases and see how they work for you. As always, if you have any questions about your Roller Network account, please contact us. Thank you for supporting us !

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